Orange Bay, Giftun Island and the azure Red Sea

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Red Sea and Hurghada

Thirsty for sun and warmth, tempted by vacation photos, or maybe after long days spent exploring Egyptian monuments full of fascinating history, going to Egypt, we will most likely go to Hurghada.

Red Sea
Towards Orange Bay

Sunny Hurghada on the Red Sea is a typical holiday resort, but also a good base for diving, cruises and admiring the coral reef.

Giftun Island and Orange Bay

The picturesque Red Sea invites you to swim, and its clear, green-blue water attracts you like a magnet ­čÖé.

Giftun Island and Orange Bay
Heavenly swings

Quite not far from Hurghada, there is a fairly desert, but surprisingly idyllic Giftun island with Orange Bay beach. The small bay is surrounded by exceptionally blue waters. The color of the water here is so intense and so idyllic that it is hard to believe that there are such places somewhere on EarthÔÇŽ

Beautiful views, azure sea, sandy beachÔÇŽ A blue that cannot be described. Orange Bay is simply amazing. See for yourself ­čÖé


Photographs of Giftun Island

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  • Giftun Island
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  • Red Sea
  • OrangeBay DSC 3049 mini
  • Giftun Island and Orange Bay
  • OrangeBay DSC 3130 mini
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  • OrangeBay DSC 3174 mini
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  • OrangeBay DSC 3259 mini
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  • OrangeBay DSC 3279 mini
  • OrangeBay DSC 3297 mini
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