Mount Nebo – Moses’ death and the biblical Promised Land

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Moses’ death

Mount Nebo has been inhabited since antiquity. However, it was marked by a biblical event, namely the death of Moses, who climbed this mountain at the end of his life to see the Promised Land.

Mount Nebo - Ruins of ancient churches
Ruins of ancient churches on Mount Nebo
Mount Nebo and the Promised Land

Mount Nebo rises above a plateau on which Jordan is mostly located, 7 km from Madaba. Its highest point is 800 m above sea level, which, taking into account the level of the Dead Sea, gives quite a significant difference in altitude (over a kilometer).

The view from the top is really beautiful. Nevertheless, it is hard to believe that the area we are looking at is the Promised Land… However, it must be remembered that a few thousand years ago, this region was certainly covered with lush greenery 🙂.

Promised Land
Promised Land
Mosaics on Mount Nebo

Christians from the Madaba region built a church on Mount Nebo in memory of the Old Testament Moses, probably as early as the second half of the 4th century. In August 530, a baptistery was erected on the north side of the courtyard, decorated with one of the most beautiful mosaics in the Madaba area. In later centuries, the church was significantly expanded.

John Paul II in the Holy Land

On March 20, 2000, Pope John Paul II landed in Amman, where he began his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. From Mount Nebo he looked down upon the land promised to Moses. On this occasion, he planted an olive tree here, a symbol of peace for the people who live here today.

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Photographs of Nebo

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  • Nebo DSC 5411 mini
  • Mount Nebo - Ruins of ancient churches
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  • Promised Land
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