500-year-old church in Binarowa, Wooden Architecture Trail

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The wooden church in Binarowa

The village of Binarowa was founded by King of Poland Casimir the Great in 1348, while the local wooden church was built around 1500.

Church in Binarowa
Richly decorated central nave

It is a wooden church, a log building with a tower of pole-frame construction, added in 1596. The interior of the church literally takes us several centuries back. A heavy, low door, a specific scent, semi-darkness and coolness… It’s one of those places where it’s easy to get lost in thought. After all, it is a place that must still be the pride of the local residents. This is a place where devout residents have come to pray for centuries, and where ancient artists created expressive, interesting and quite striking paintings. 🙂

Wooden Architecture Trail
As if inviting newcomers, the wide-open gate to the church in Binarowa

But let’s get back to the facts. 🙂 The valuable paintings on the ceilings date back to the early 16th century. The walls are covered with Baroque biblical cycles. The church also houses 14th-century sculptures of the Virgin Mary with the Child, as well as bas-reliefs of St. Margaret, Dorothy, Catherine and Barbara.

Wooden Architecture Trail

The church in Binarowa, located a short distance from Biecz, is one of the historic wooden churches forming the Wooden Architecture Trail. Others located quite close are the churches in Rożnowice and Gromnik.

The value and significance of the church in Binarowa was recognized in 2003 when it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.


Photographs of the old, wooden Church in Binarowa

  • Wooden church in Binarowa
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  • Binarowa DSC 9270 mini
  • Binarowa DSC 9235 mini
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  • Binarowa DSC 9239 mini
  • Binarowa DSC 9183 mini

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