Rhine Falls – the largest waterfall in Europe, 150 m width

Rheinfall DSC 4674 mini
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The waterfall on the Rhine

I must admit that waterfalls are one of those natural phenomena that I would not associate with Europe in any way. At least not the ones, which are big, meaningful, intimidating or showing the power of water.

Rhine Falls - the largest waterfall in Europe
Not so small European waterfall

Meanwhile, the waterfall on the Rhine is not only exceptionally beautifully situated, but also allows you to experience quite strong impressions when you go to the viewing platform under the Laufen Castle. 🙂

The Rhine Falls – the largest waterfall in Europe

The Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) is the largest waterfall in Europe in terms of flow. It was created during the last ice age and it is about 15 thousand years old.

Rheinfall and Laufen Castle
Laufen Castle Gate

The height of the waterfall may not be very impressive due to the fact that it is only 23 m, but the width of 150 m is definitely notable. 🙂

In addition, it is worth noting that the Rhine Falls is located about 4 km from the beautiful and by far worth visiting Schaffhausen. 🙂

Youtube video

If interested, I invite you also to my Youtube channel. Here is a short video presenting Rhine Falls.


Photographs of the Rheinfall

  • Rheinfall DSC 4660 mini
  • Rheinfall DSC 4653 mini
  • Rheinfall DSC 4643 mini
  • Rheinfall DSC 4586 mini
  • Rheinfall DSC 4657 mini
  • Rheinfall DSC 4674 mini

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