When the world seems to be at our fingertips, films and photos from almost anywhere so easily accessible, we often think that there is nothing what can surprise us. And yet it is enough to stop in everyday rush to be able to admire the world.

Stunning views and travel photos,

unforgettable flavours, conversations with people of other cultures can create images which we constantly miss. I would like to show you such images ­čÖé

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I invite each of you to explore with me through the photographs I created, but also to leave comments and share with me impressions of your travels ­čÖé

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Tell me what you're looking for, maybe we can find something ­čÖé


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Rovinj (Rovigno) – Venetian fortress on the Istrian coast

Long before the Romans conquered Istria, around the 7th century BC, there was already a settlement founded by the Illyrians or Venets tribes in the place of modern Rovinj. After […]

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Pore─Ź – Euphrasian Basilica and charming Venetian old town

Pore─Ź is a city located on the Istrian peninsula in western Croatia, in the area inhabited since prehistoric times. Parentium, an ancient settlement in the vicinity of modern-day Pore─Ź was […]

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Shanghai at night – laser show and beautiful colorful lights

Visiting almost every major city at night can definitely be described as an additional tourist attraction. Especially at Christmas, when everything shines in all possible colors. There are also places […]

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And this is the kind of beast I come across my way ­čÖé

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