When the world seems to be at our fingertips, films and photos from almost anywhere so easily accessible, we often think that there is nothing what can surprise us. And yet it is enough to stop in everyday rush to be able to admire the world.

Stunning views and travel photos,

unforgettable flavours, conversations with people of other cultures can create images which we constantly miss. I would like to show you such images ­čÖé

Dubrownik DSC 7263 mini

I invite each of you to explore with me through the photographs I created, but also to leave comments and share with me impressions of your travels ­čÖé

Carly BB


Belvaros DSC 8280 mini

Belv├íros – the oldest district of the former Pest

The first mention of Pest comes from 1061. The origin of the name Pest itself has many theories. One of them is associated with the Slavic word “piec” (furnace), which […]

Casablanca DSC 3348 mini

Casablanca – former French colony and Hasan II mosque

In the 7th century there was a Berber settlement in the area of today’s Casablanca. It was probably Anfa, a city belonging to the Berber kingdom of Barghwata. In the […]

Buda DSC 3037 mini

Buda ÔÇô the castle side of Budapest

Around 890, the Magyar tribes invaded the Carpathian Basin. According to the tradition, Arpad, the leader of Magyars, erected a fortress on the ruins of the amphitheater in Aquincum. The […]

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And this is the kind of beast I come across my way ­čÖé

Chania DSC 1826 mini front