Kurozwęki Palace – regained residence of the Popiel family

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Kurozwęki Palace

The Kurozwęki Palace, located in the Świętokrzyskie Province, is now a Rococo-Classicist residence surrounded by a landscape park. This palace, in its original form as a gothic defensive castle, was built in the 14th century for the Kurozwęcki family of the Poraj coat of arms. Later, it was transformed many times along with the changing owners, from Kurozwęcki, through Lanckoroński, Sołtyk and Popiel. It obtained its present form as a result of the reconstruction in the years 1768-1772 carried out for the Sołtyk family.

Kurozwęki Palace
Renaissance two-level cloisters
The Popiel family – the last pre-war owners

The last pre-war owners of the Kurozwęki Palace were the Popiel family living here since 1833.

Popiel family
On the way to the palace…
Efforts to regain the palace

In 1944, they were forced to leave the property. All these properties were taken over by the communist state. In 1989, the pre-war owner of the Kurozwęki Palace, the priest Marcin Popiel, made efforts to regain his property. In 1992, shortly after his death, the legitimate heirs bought the palace and part of the park.

The new owners brought life back to Kurozwęki. They also made efforts to restore the palace to its former glory. They renovated, among others the baroque facade of the palace, reconstructed the ballroom and the castle pavilions. Thanks to these measures, the Kurozwęki Palace not only encourages visitors to visit, but above all shows the beauty of pre-war Polish residences.


Photographs of the palace and its surroundings

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