Valletta – 3 days weekend in the smallest capital in Europe

La Valletta - capital of Malta
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Valletta – the smallest capital in Europe

Some people associate Valletta with sunny Malta and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, for others it may evoke memories of long stone streets and amazingly colorful balconies. However, if someone decides to learn even a bit of the history of the capital of Malta, it is easy to notice that these surprisingly massive fortifications actually had their purpose, and the island itself became a stronghold of the Knights of Malta.


Knights of Malta
Knight of Malta
Knights of Malta and the history of Valletta

The Knights of Malta, or rather the Knights of the Order of Saint John, came to Malta 5 centuries ago, and then fought one of the most important battles against the Ottoman Empire, the victorious Great Siege of Malta. For those interested in the details and, of course, contemporary views of the city, I am sending you here.

The southernmost capital of Europe, Valletta in winter

The smallest capital in Europe is also the southernmost capital of Europe. Personally, I thought it was a pretty good reason to use our (I mean Polish) winter months to visit the capital of Malta am I admit that it was quite cool, but it’s always a nice respite from the frost… 🙂 Valletta in winter is quite empty which is an additional advantage. 🙂

Colorful balconies of Valletta
Republic Street
Colorful balconies and long stone streets of the capital of Malta

The short distances in Valletta are conducive to sightseeing, and the long streets and colorful balconies create simply beautiful scenery. 🙂 Balconies have become popular in Malta relatively recently and came here together with the English. But details and more photos here.

Finally, the small size of the city and the huge number of monuments brought Valletta on the UNESCO list. It is definitely one of the most densely dotted with monuments in Europe. I mention the most important ones here.

Of course, it is difficult to visit Valletta during the weekend, or even slightly extended to 3 days, but still the weekend… But a good plan is essential 🙂 Certainly there is no time for boredom in Malta in general 🙂


Valletta in a short film

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