Baptism Site of Jesus Christ on the Jordan River

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Where is the Baptism site of Jesus Christ

As a result of a change in the course of the Jordan River, the baptism site of Jesus Christ is now located on the Jordanian side of the river, in the place where John the Baptist spring used to flow into Jordan.

Baptism Site of Jesus Christ - Jordan River
Contemporary baptistery
Jordan River and Sea of Galilee

The Jordan River flows southward through the bottom of the Jordan Rift Valley into the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias) and continues south where at 396 m below sea level flows into the Dead Sea. Excessive exploitation of the river over the past decades has led to a significant decrease in water levels both in the Jordan river itself as well as the Dead Sea.

Pilgrims’ accounts

Pilgrims arriving centuries ago to the place where Jesus was baptized, described five uniquely designed churches and a unique cruciform baptistery, which used the water of the Jordan River, built between the 5th and 12th centuries. Archaeological discoveries confirmed the accounts of pilgrims.

Baptism Site
The baptism site of Jesus is still supplied with water from John the Baptist spring

However, the question was still asked, why did early Christians build churches in an uninhabited place, in the middle of nowhere, where earthquakes and floods caused the destruction of one church after another? The answer seems to be clear. Based on the Bible, the Madaba mosaic, depicting a map of the Holy Land from the 6th century, accounts of pilgrims and recent archaeological discoveries, the determination with which believers wanted to mark and honor this place is clearly visible.

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Photographs of Baptism Site of Jesus Christ

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