Belváros, Váci Utca – the oldest district of the former Pest

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Belváros district – Váci Utca and Duna Korzó promenade

The Belváros district is an area lying in the very center of Pest, between the Chain Bridge and the Liberty Bridge up to Károly körút and Múzeum körút, (these are the streets running along the medieval walls).

Duna korzó promenade
Budapest tram and the Chain Bridge in the background

Among attractions from Budapest that certainly cannot be missed is a walk along the Duna Korzó promenade with a view of the Castle Hill or the elegant Váci Utca street full of shops and restaurants 🙂.

Former Pest settlement

The first mention of Pest comes from 1061. The origin of the name Pest itself has many theories. One of them is associated with the Slavic word “piec” (furnace), which is due to the fact that in this settlement bricks and lime were once burned on a large scale.

Váci utca
Kristóf tér

From the very beginning, the history of Pest was closely connected with Buda located on the other side of the Danube. In 1766, the first pontoon bridge on the Danube River was built, connecting both cities.

Centrál Kávéház cafe and beautiful Budapest tenement houses
Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

Germanization policy of Austrian emperors and increasingly stronger national aspirations led in 1848 to the outbreak of the revolution. Despite their efforts, the Hungarians lost to the imperial army in 1849, and the revolution leaders were executed.

It was only in 1867 that the settlement was reached, under which the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was established. Soon after, on January 1, 1873, Pest, Buda and Óbuda merged into one city, Budapest, which brought urban and cultural prosperity. The Budapest belle epoque lasted until the outbreak of World War I.


Photographs of Budapest – Belváros

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