Blue Grotto – luzzu boat trip to the caves under the cliffs

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Cruise under the Malta’s cliffs with a traditional luzzu boat

On the southern, steep and cliff coast of Malta, there are many picturesque and sometimes also fishing bays. One of them, Wied iż-Żurrieq is a former haven, once serving mainly fishing. Today it is a place from which you can set off on a cruise on a traditional luzzu boat to visit several caves, including the most impressive of them, the Blue Grotto.

Blue Grotto – caves under the cliffs of Malta

The Blue Grotto is about 90m long and 40m high. Its name refers to the blue color of the water and the cobalt reflections of light that shimmer in the entire cave. This is definitely one of Malta‘s most beautiful natural attractions.

Malta’s natural attractions

During the cruise we also pass through several other caves, through the Honeymoon Cave, Reflection Cave, Cat Cave and some others. Walls of the caves are rich in minerals, and the color of the water additionally depends on underwater algae or water depth and the reflection of light from the bottom of the sea. In some there is the phenomenon of fluorescence. That is why each cave is unique and the cruise is just exciting 🙂.


Photographs of Blue Grotto, Honeymoon Cave – caves under the cliffs of Malta

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