Andrássy Avenue and Budapest thermal waters

AndrassyUt DSC 1924 mini
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Andrássy Avenue

Andrássy út is a 2.5 km avenue connecting Pest downtown with the City Park. Initially, it was called the Ray (Sugár út), because its architecture referred to Parisian alleys. However, in 1885 it was renamed to Andrássy Avenue in honor of the originator of the project, Count Gyula Andrássy.

Hungarian National Opera
Hungarian National Opera
Hungarian National Opera

Many cultural institutions have found their place here. Among the beautiful edifices, the Hungarian National Opera stands out undeniably. Its construction began in 1875 at the place where once the flea market stretched. In 1884, when the construction was completed, it turned out that it did not meet all the expectations of Emperor Franz Josef. Although the opera was smaller than the Vienna Opera, it was prettier and more lavish. The ruler had his own lodge, a separate entrance, his own staircase and living rooms. Despite all of that, Franz Josef visited the Hungarian Opera only a few times.

Andrássy Avenue - Hősök tere and the Millennium Monument
Hősök tere and the Millennium Monument
The first subway line in continental Europe

The aversion of its creators to urban public transport, which only brought chaos and confusion, was of great importance to the alley. However, the city needed a thoroughfare. This led to the construction of the first subway in continental Europe. The first subway line was opened already in 1896.

Széchenyi Baths
Széchenyi Bath

In 2002, the beauty of the Andrássy Avenue was recognized and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Széchenyi Baths – Budapest thermal waters

At the far end of the avenue, we reach the Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Monument built on the occasion of the millennium of Hungary. In the City Park (Városliget) we discover the real wealth of Hungary, thermal waters. The neo-baroque architecture of the Széchenyi Baths and a glance at the courtyard pools available all year round encourage you to visit and take a bath. Clouds of steam and hot thermal waters are the perfect relaxation after a busy day of exploring Budapest‘s monuments 😀 🙂.


Photographs of Budapest – Andrássy Avenue and Városliget

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