High Place of Sacrifice and long hikes in colorful Petra

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Petra visited in crowds

Petra, despite being visited in crowds every day, it is so vast that you can easily find many places to be all alone and simply enjoy stunning views. Just a little motivation 🙂.

High Place of Sacrifice

On the first day, after 35 km of walking about and watching various sights and recesses of Petra, we found that it was not enough time or covered distance for us to truly get to know the place.

Long hikes in Petra

In the evening quite accidentally we entered the route leading to the High Place of Sacrifice, which turned out to be too long to leave before dark. There were no tourists anymore, just a few Bedouins. Tiredness, piercing silence and the dogs howling between the mountains made us a little scared. But the dogs were the worst. During the day, quietly running between the tourists, in the evening they created packs and we barely lost them. Maybe they were just guarding the donkeys that had been locked overnight but anyway you never know.

Petra’s colors, photogenic camels and lots of cats

The next day we covered another several kilometers 🙂. Luckily during the day I met many friendly animals, a small cheerful donkey, photogenic camels and lots of cats 🙂 🙂. And Petra’s colors are simply stunningly beautiful, enjoy 🙂

YouTube video

Anyway I encourage you to visit my other posts about Petra and watch my video on YouTube. 😀 🙂


Photographs taken during some long hikes in Petra

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