Samariá Gorge – wandering through the longest gorge in Europe

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Samaria Gorge and wild Cretan goat

Lying south of Chania, the Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe, crossing the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) from the Omalos Plain to the Libyan Sea, in terms of landscape is one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

The gorge is overgrown with pine forests and is one of a few (and perhaps the only one) places in Crete where a wild Cretan goat, called kri-kri, is found in the wild state.

Sidiroportes, or the Iron Gate

At some point of 17 km and a fairly difficult route, the sides of the gorge close in to a width of only four meters and soar up to a height of almost 300 meters and it really does make a great impression. This is the narrowest part of the gorge, called Sidiroportes, or the Iron Gate. The views on the whole route are absolutely stunning and certainly compensate for the hardships of the trip. 😀


Photographs of Samariá Gorge

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