Shanghai at night – laser show and beautiful colorful lights

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Shanghai at night

Visiting almost every major city at night can definitely be described as an additional tourist attraction. Especially at Christmas, when everything shines in all possible colors. There are also places which simply like colorful lights. And such is Shanghai.

Waterfront along the Huangpu River – laser show

Every evening, the waterfront along the Huangpu River shines fabulously and glitters probably with all the colors of the rainbow. And if that wasn’t enough, then colorful laser lights cut through the black night sky. And so that you don’t get bored, the colors change every now and then. The laser shows take a while, but I admit, you can’t get bored… At least I stared into this colorful world for quite a long time. 🙂

Obviously the rest of the city tries not to be worse then the waterfront. The Bund may not be as colorful, but bright almost like during the day. And of course crowds of curious onlookers 🙂.

Xintiandi District and Shikumen Houses

While wandering around Shanghai at night, it’s also worth visiting the revitalized and fashionable Xintiandi district. Characteristic tenements with European architecture were built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the areas then belonging to the foreign concessions. Their name ‘Shikumen Houses‘ refers to stone entrance gates with brass knockers deriving from Chinese tradition.

Admittedly, prices in the Xintiandi district are quite steep, but burgers taste definitely the best. There is only one quite important detail… At night it is practically impossible to catch a taxi if you have not booked it in advance and the metro .. hmmm … it turned out that it only works until 11 pm… Crowds of people on the streets, shops open, but no public transport. Well, China can be this way… But there is nothing more to complain about, Shanghai at night impresses and shows its simply more colourful side 😀 😀 😀

Youtube video

If interested, I invite you also to my Youtube channel. Here is a short video presenting Shanghai at night.


Photographs of Shanghai at night

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