3 charming stone Tongli bridges – Venice of the East

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Tongli with a network of charming canals – Venice of the East

A short distance from Suzhou lies the small but very nice and charming town of Tongli. Like other cities in the region, it has a network of canals and has also gained the nickname “Venice of the East“. This place has retained many features of the ancient city of Wu region. Visitors have a chance to feel and see what Suzhou could have looked like in its heyday. Houses are built along the canals, which are daily filled with transport and tourist boats.

A network of narrow streets and stone bridges with an amazing view of the deep green canals will captivate every traveler.

The most famous Tongli bridges

The most famous Tongli bridges are the so-called Three Bridges: Taiping, Jili and Changqing. These names mean peace, but also happiness and longevity. There is a custom among local residents to cross these three bridges, thus celebrating happy moments in their lives, e.g. marriage, 66th birthday, or monthly birthday of tiny children, which is to guarantee health, a great career path, but also to preserve youth. Let’s hope this also applies to tourists 🙂.

An unforgettable attraction is of course a cruise on the canals, where rays of light breaking through the dense crown of trees flicker among colorful decorations and countless red lanterns


Photographs of Tongli

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