Petra in 2 days – how many days should you spend in Petra?

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How many days should you spend in Petra?

For those who would like to briefly visit Petra and some of its monuments 1 day would be enough. However, if you really want to get to know ancient Petra, you will need 2 days. In turn, if you additionally would like to cover some mountain trails around Petra, even a third day would be useful. It all depends on what we actually want to do in Petra.

And it is certainly one of those places that we won’t get bored with easily 🙂.

Petra in 2 days

Petra in 2 days was an option that I managed to implement 🙂 And I admit it was a lot of kilometers covered on foot, but the impressions are certainly unforgettable.


Is it worth going to Petra?

Undoubtedly. It is extremely interesting place with amazing history, breathtaking views and unique landscapes.

How far is it from the entrance to the center of Petra?

I have to admit that it is far, or even very far especially after a whole day of walking. There is about 2 km from the entrance to the Pharaoh’s Treasury, but it is still not the old centre of Petra. But the road through the deep ravine of the Siq is thrilling enough not to get tired. And for those who would like to use the lift, there are donkeys and carriages at the entrance. 🙂

Camel rides are also available, but during my visit camels were waiting for tourists only at the Pharaoh’s Treasury and at the Qasr al-Bint temple.


Petra in a short film

You can watch more videos from my trips on my YouTube channel. Enjoy watching! 🙂


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