When the world seems to be at our fingertips, films and photos from almost anywhere so easily accessible, we often think that there is nothing what can surprise us. And yet it is enough to stop in everyday rush to be able to admire the world.

Stunning views and travel photos,

unforgettable flavours, conversations with people of other cultures can create images which we constantly miss. I would like to show you such images ­čÖé

Dubrownik DSC 7263 mini

I do not think I will surprise anyone with the statement that traveling means constantly looking for a balance between the availability of our time and the wealth of the wallet. Many of us are looking for ways to travel cheaply, but do we want to travel smart, take care of our time, focus on maximum impressions? For me, a good trip is a lot of work, and a good plan is the basis ­čśë After all, it makes no sense to be stuck in the queues of tourists to see the famous David or even bounce off the door of Hypogeum in Malta, because we did not know that the number of people was limited...

I am pleased if you agree with me at least a little bit ­čÖé I create this place looking at the world through the eyes of a photographer and a history freak, but also a person who can be literally all the time on the move ­čÖé

Anyway, I would like to inspire you to exploring the world consciously and smart ­čÖé Enjoy your journey!

Tell me what you're looking for, maybe we can find something ­čÖé

I invite each of you to explore with me through the photos I have created, but also to leave comments and share with me your travel experience ­čÖé

Carly BB



Marrakesz DSC 3002 mini

Marrakesh – traditional souks and medina in ocher color

Marrakesh, located in the southern part of Morocco, at the foot of the High Atlas, fascinates visitors from Europe and other parts of the world. It is even called the […]

Coimbra DSC 4572 mini

Coimbra – University and medieval capital of Portugal

Coimbra, today one of the largest cities in Portugal, is associated as a medieval capital and, above all, the seat of the oldest university in the country. However, the history […]

Cabo da Roca DSC 3280 mini

Cabo da Roca in Portugal – the westernmost point of Europe

The Portuguese Atlantic coast is a mosaic of steep cliffs interspersed with small coves and narrow beaches. Jagged rocks, lonely monadnocks or huge boulders sticking out of the water. In […]

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And this is the kind of beast I come across my way ­čÖé

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